Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A Present (fiction, graphic)

panthers_little_lynx_wols (1:37:19 AM): Finding Him still out, she creeps into His bedroom. Slowly she undresses, enjoying the feeling of getting naked, touching herself as each piece of clothing comes off. Finger tips down her neck and shoulders, dragging her fingernails down the sides and under her breasts, watching her nipples get hard, skimming her hips and rubbing down her legs. She sits on His bed, massaging her feet. Imagining His cock instead of her hands, she strokes her soles, heels and toes with the edge of her palm the way she thinks He would do it. With one hand she cups her sex, feeling how hot it is, but not doing anything more, wanting to wait for Him. She stands, looking around and finds His toy bag. Dropping to her knees she opens it, pausing to enjoy the smell of leather.
Items that she wants are placed on the bed. When she has found everything, she begins working. First she binds each ankle, the way He has told her He would, not tightly but with many turns. Then centering herself on the bed, she uses the remainder of rope that she has left to bind her ankles to her thighs, leaving just enough play so that the soles of her feet can touch. Next are the cuffs around her wrists. These she can tighten more. The soft lining keeps the leather from digging in and cutting off the circulation. And it feels to good; she can imagine that it is His hands holding her.
Taking one silk scarf in her hands, she pulls it between her fingers, loving the cold, ultra soft texture. She begins dragging it over her body, mostly her breasts, but also her legs and calves, shivering at the feeling. Before she gets so turned on that she can't stop, she ties it halter style around her neck and under her breats, lifting and pushing them together slightly. She wonders if He will use her that way when He sees it. Taking the second scarf, she ties it around her head several times, making sure that it covers her ears as well as her eyes. It muffles the sound, like being under water and she can hear her own breath and heartbeat amplified, but all other sounds become distant.
The last part is the most difficult. Stretching full length, barely reaching, she grasps the chain so thoughfully placed by Him, with the caribeaners and clasps, and fumbling slightly, sightless, she clasps the cuffs tightly. She imagines that she might not be able to free herself if she wanted and that makes her happy. Without sight or clear sound she feels like the world has become smaller, just her, the bed and her bindings. It's almost relaxing, waiting for Him, but unable to do anything other than lie there, very slightly chilled, feeling goosebumps of cold and excitment break out on her body, tightening her nipples even more.
She imagines in her mind what she will look like to Him. Will He be surprised? Will He look at her for long? What will He do with her first? Eventually these images slip from her and she becomes very still, her head turned on the pillow, breathing the smell of Him and slowly drifting into a dream filled light sleep.
Finished 1/31/2005